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Tilt Table

Our unique tilt table design makes hoof trimming and vaccinating an easy, one-person job. Our Tilt Table requires only one person to operate and you only have to work from the front side. It is VERY EASY TO WORK!!

The Tilt Table opens to the entire width of chute system to allow easy entry of the sheep or goat into the table. To operate our Tilt Table, you start by simply letting the animal enter the table and closing the stop gate behind it. To close the table, push on the top handle and push until you have squeezed the side snug against the animal. Then by just lifting the bottom handle/bar, you tilt the animal on it’s side. The feet are outside of the table so you can easily and properly trim their hooves. When finished, simply roll the table back into starting position, pull the release latch, and then the animal is free to move again.

With the animal on there side instead of upside down, they are in a more natural position therefore, more relaxed. The height of the table can be adjusted to fit any size animal over 70 lbs.

Our uniquely designed curved sides fits the sheep or the goat’s body and because of our design—no floor is needed! That’s right, no floor is needed. Our table gently cradles the animal and holds them in. We have designed it to be very simple and safe for you and your animals. You also save a lot of time and hassle, which is priceless.

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