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Shipping & Delivery Information

Prices do not include freight or delivery.  We deliver equipment to any of the shows/sales we attend FREE of charge.  Please call ahead to place your order at least 2-3 weeks prior to show dates—we leave up to 7 days prior to show/sale dates to allow for travel, deliveries, set-up, etc.  Please check our website for updated listings of our show schedule.

If you are needing an order shipped, please call for a shipping quote.  Shipping/freight charges along with full payment of equipment must be received before the order can be shipped unless a written agreement states otherwise.  Transit times vary and delays in shipping can occur with carriers and there no absolute guarantees so please allow a sufficient amount of time between placing an order and any deadlines of having equipment in place.  Anyone who cancels an order once it has been shipped, in transit, or delivered will not receive a refund for the shipping/freight charges and will be responsible for paying all return shipping/freight charges also.

Oversized equipment items are shipped by common-carrier freight truck to your choice of a residential/farm location or to a business/commercial location.  Your delivery location must be able to be accessible for a tractor-trailer.  Someone will need to be available at the delivery location to accept the shipment, sign necessary documents, and off-load the freight—the truck driver will not unload the freight for you.  Your pallet(s) will arrive with equipment items securely banded to a pallet along with protective stretch wrap.  Please check your shipment and if anything looks to be damaged, you will need to make note of damage on the waybill.  Any claims of damage not listed on the waybill at the time of delivery will make filing a claim against any damage very difficult and/or may void any claim altogether.

At times, we do deliver equipment items on trips if the opportunity presents itself  However, we feel it is important for us to clearly explain how we handle deliveries.  Most importantly, we only make delivery runs when we are able within our show schedule and when there are large orders or at least a substantial amount of orders in an area.  Sometimes we are on a tight time schedule coming and going to shows that we may or may not be able to stop to drop off equipment along the way.  If we are going to be in your area and have made arrangements with you for delivery, please understand that we cannot always guarantee a time frame upon which we will have your equipment to a designated location.  There are numerous variables that can affect our delivery schedules so we do ask for flexibility.  Sometimes the designated location will require meeting us along an interstate, highway, or driving some distance to meet us—delivery doesn’t necessarily mean directly to your barn.  We often drive a tractor-trailer and many driveways and/or country roadways do not accommodate our trucks and trailers so sometimes we cannot physically get to your location.  If we are not planning deliveries to your area or you need your equipment by a certain date, you can either choose to pick the equipment items up from our location or simply pay the shipping charges.  If picking up equipment at our location, please call in advance to make sure we have the items you are wanting in stock and ready for you to pick up upon your designated arrival.

As part of our general payment terms, no credit is intended and payment for equipment is expected at the time of purchase and/or before shipment occurs.  Just as payment is required before orders are shipped, all delivered orders will need to be paid in full including a delivery fee before they will be delivered.  For all items delivered to a location other than a show/sale/event we are attending, a delivery fee will be determined depending on the order and/or location and will need to be paid for along with the order—these orders will be assessed a minimum $50 delivery fee.  If payment is not received, your order will not be delivered.  The delivery fee does not apply when having equipment items delivered to a show or sale for yourself or someone else to pick up for you.  Payment for the equipment order must be made at that time.  To pick up items at any show or sale we attend, we encourage you to order in advance so we can have your equipment order available for you at the event.  If you choose to wait to order equipment at the show and the items have been depleated from our stock, we are not responsible for shipping or delivery charges for those items.

We manufacture quality sheep equipment at the most economical price—we are not a trucking company.  We want to continue to focus our efforts on manufacturing quality sheep equipment and to provide our equipment at a reasonable price to all of our Ketcham’s Kustomers.  We will try to accommodate as much as possible however, it is unrealistic to expect us to drive hours to deliver one item. We do not have control over shipping costs and we cannot absorb those costs—it’s not built into our equipment prices.  We invite you to call and check our current delivery schedule and/or if you have any questions.  Please respect our honesty on this matter and we look forward to your continued business.  Thank you.