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Zinc Plated & Galvanized Finishes

As each producer has individual needs, we also offer zinc plating, galvanizing, and other paint colors as options for most of our equipment items.  Zinc plating is standard on some pieces of our equipment and the surcharge and deposit is not required on these items.   However, you may choose to have other equipment, that is normally painted, zinc plated or galvanized for an additional 25% of list price.  Please understand zinc plating and galvanizing tend to resist rust and scratches but it does not mean it will not rust at some point over time.  Due to environmental circumstances, plating and even galvanizing is not guaranteed to be rust proof.  Urine, manure, salt, fitting products, and other products can damage or compromise these finishes.

Zinc plated and galvanized items will require a non-refundable deposit at the time you place the order.  Because we have no control over our local plating and galvanizing companies’ production schedules, we ask to allow an additional 3-4 weeks along with production of the equipment items for zinc plated and galvanized equipment items.  There are some items that cannot be plated and galvanized due to size and we will assist you in other options if needed.

All equipment items plated, galvanized, and/or painted other than RED, will require a non-refundable deposit at the time of placing the order and production of these items will not begin until required deposit is received.  Any cancellation will result in loss of deposit.

There is no extra surcharge for an alternative paint color but there are some restrictions.  When requesting a paint color other than RED, please understand all equipment pieces have to be built individually within our regular production schedule and this does take time.  Until there are a fair amount of items to be painted a specific color, we will not change our paint for only a couple of items and will not guarantee a specific completion date on smaller orders.  Paint colors we have in-stock most often are basic colors and additional colors can be ordered.  As paint colors can vary, we do not guarantee any color matching and reserve the right to limit or refuse color choices.



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