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Working Chute Components

8 ft. Solid Panel, 40” x 8 ft.   OUT OF STOCK#PG8$355
8 ft. Drop-Top Solid Panel, 40”x 8 ft.  OUT OF STOCK#DT8$395
Stop Gate#SG$375
2-Way Sorting Gate   #2W$250
3-Way Sorting Gate   OUT OF STOCK#3W$350
Tilt Table Head Gate Kit (add-on to traditional style Tilt Table)#TTHGK$300
Tilt Table Wheel Kit#TTW$  50
Chute Support, 52” H x 19” W#CS52$  90
Anti-Backup Arm#AB$  70

Tilt Table Head Gate Kit   $300                                           

The Head Gate Kit includes complete instructions with pictures to modify/add-on to Ketcham’s traditional style Tilt Table

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