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Slider Panel & Walk-Through Slider Combo Panel

These panels can be the size you need it to be!  Both styles of our Slider Panels are similar to our Standard Horizontal Panels and are made from 1” square tubing and the telescopic part of the panel is 3/4” square  tubing.  The Regular Slider Panel is 40” tall and can be 68”-110” long.  The Walk-Through Combo Slider Panel is made the same way but has a 3 ft. gate to walk through and can be 68”-98” long.  This feature alone makes this panel a “must-have” for trailers, especially when having to make several pens in your trailer to divide up animals.  Both styles of these  panels are fully zinc plated and have connecting end tabs.  Two Drop Rods are included with each panel.

Regular Slider Panel   #SP180    $215

Walk-Through Combo Slider Panel    #SPWT280    $285





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