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Regular 8 ft. Working Chute System Packages

In addition to our traditional Heavy Duty Chute System components and packages, we also have Regular Chute System packages by changing only two components to give our Ketcham’s Kustomers more choices when it comes to purchasing a chute system.  Our traditional Heavy Duty chute systems have 10 foot Solid Panels and 10 foot Drop-Top Panels therefore, making up our 10, 20, and 30 foot Chute System Packages.  The Regular Chute System has 8 foot Solid Panels and 8 foot Drop-Top Panels therefore, making up our 8, 16, and 24 foot Chute System Packages.  Both of the 8 foot panels can be purchased individually just like all of our chute components can be purchased.  The other components that make up our Regular Chute System packages such as the Stop Gates, Sorting Gates, and Anti-Back-up Arms, are still the same as in our traditional Heavy Duty packages.
The 8 foot Solid Panel and 8 foot Drop Top Panel will be a little lighter in weight not only because of the reduction in length but also because we are using 1” square, 16 gauge tubing versus our 1 1/4” square, 14 gauge tubing in our big heavy traditional chute panels.  With that being said, the material modification also allows us to sell the panels at a more economical price.  The panels will be easier to pick-up, move or haul, store, and are still made with the same Ketcham’s quality.  The Regular Chute System is ideal for smaller operations and for use in compact spaces.  As always, all of our panels, gates, chutes, and chute components are all compatible and will all attach to each other for added versatility including the new 8 foot Solid Panel and 8 foot Drop-Top Panel.

8 ft. Regular Solid Panel  $210

8 ft. Regular Drop-Top Solid Panel  $230

8 ft. Package             $1250
2) Stop Gates  #RLWC8
1) 8 ft. Solid Panel
1) 8 ft. Drop-Top Solid Panel
1) 2-Way Sorting Gate
1) Anti-Back-up Arm
16 ft. Package              $1800         
2) Stop Gates          #RLWC16
2) 8 ft. Solid Panels
2) 8 ft. Drop-Top Solid Panels
1) 2-Way Sorting Gate
2) Anti-Back-up Arms
1) Chute Support
24 ft. Package              $2450         
2) Stop Gates          #RLWC24
3) 8 ft. Solid Panels
3) 8 ft. Drop-Top Solid Panels
1) 3-Way Sorting Gate
3) Anti-Back-up Arms
2) Chute Supports

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