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Mini Mineral Feeder

In addition to our exclusively designed Mineral Feeder, we have a Mini Mineral Feeder.  The Mini Mineral Feeder is very similar in design as our original feeder with a few differences in specifications.  The Mini Mineral Feeder has a 26” diameter base and sets lower so the bottom of the feeder opening is only 13” off of the ground.  The plastic top holds a little over 30 pounds which is less than half of the capacity of our other Mineral Feeder.  The base can also be used as a wheel to roll the feeder from pen to pen.

#455MMF     $215        Expected to be available by 10/21/22

To move our Mineral Feeders, simply tip the feeder back and roll. To fill the feeder with mineral, lay the feeder back all the way on the ground.

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