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Mineral Feeder

Our exclusively aerodynamic designed plastic mineral feeder is one we redesigned ourselves to hold the capacity of a larger mineral feeder but with a smaller profile.  The top is mounted with bearings to allow free movement so as the wind blows in a rain storm, the mineral will stay dry.  For stability and durability, we are the original manufacturer to design a heavy duty 34” diameter angle ring for the base which can also be used as a wheel to roll Mineral Feeder from pen to pen.

#450 MF  $285        Currently out of stock.  Accepting orders.  Expected availability 8/28/23

Need only the base?  We also sell the base part as the Feeder Ring Kit.

Need a smaller mineral feeder?  We also sell a Mini Mineral Feeder.


Easy to move — just roll the Mineral Feeder!

To move our Mineral Feeders, simply tip the feeder back and roll. To fill the feeder with mineral, lay the feeder back all the way on the ground.

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