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Lamb & Goat Walker

The Lamb and Goat Walker is used primarily as a training tool to assist you in training lambs/sheep/goats to lead so when it is time to show them, they move in the show ring as you need them to move.

The Lamb Walker itself has five arms, 6ft. long, extending out from the center for a total 12ft. in diameter and allows you to walk five lambs/sheep/goats at one time. All of the moving motor parts are shielded by galvanized metal and the walker comes with five adjustable nickel plated nose loops. There are four legs that extend out from the base and have holes to put anchoring pegs into the ground.

Here you can see a video of our walker in action.  

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Silverwood Farms, Dallas & Cheryl Miller, Bowling Green, OH  419.352.6192

The lamb walker motor is a 1/2 hp, 220v, three phase motor with a converter and a dial for variable speed. The walker can be plugged in almost anywhere with 110V, single phase power and having the converter allows the three phase to run 220V. (It cannot be plugged into a GFI plug nor a generator. The flow of electricity is not consistent enough for the converter box to run constantly.) The rheostat dial allows you to adjust the speed on a scale from 0-10 which is 0 to about 3 miles per hour. The motor turns both ways so lambs/sheep/goats can walk the opposite direction. This motor and converter has the capabilities to start lambs/sheep/goats out very slow and work up to faster pace.

Our Lamb Walker is manufactured for the sole purpose of training lambs/sheep/goats to lead for show purposes but as with any motorized equipment, safety precautions are necessary. Because we have no control over the circumstances and a person’s application of safety measures while the walker is being used, we require the purchaser to read and understand certain terms and responsibilities and sign our Release/Warranty Form at the time of purchase.

We will warranty the Lamb Walker for workmanship of the equipment. The motor and motor drive has limited coverage through its manufacturer. The motor and motor drive is not covered in cases of power surges, overloading motor, negligence, acts of nature, etc.

For more information on the warranty and safety precautions, you can request to see a copy of our Release/Warranty Form and you will be given a copy at the time of purchase.

Lamb Walker can be shipped!

Easy to assemble—arms easily bolt on, legs slide in, and head pieces slide in and are easily adjustable.


Lamb Walker     $2900



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