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Kustom Creep Feeders

All Kustom Creep Feeders are designed so that a tractor or fork lift can be used to move the feeder if needed.  Panels around feeder can removed.


1 review for Kustom Creep Feeders

  1. Ernie Tannehill

    Creep Feeder for goats (kids) with creep gates, just like the one you have pictured
    smaller for goats….what size ?? Single side ? Price ?

    Ernie Tannehill Show Goats formally Sheep ….still use all ketchum equipment one hay/feed feeder
    purchased at Black and White 1996 still using in good shape….tough long lasting equipment.
    Need some type of head chute gate to catch goats for my Ketchum sheep 20′ working chute.
    Tulsa, OK

    • Ketcham’s

      Hi Ernie! We can make a Kustom Creep Feeder any size you would like and the price just depends on how many pounds you would like for the feeder to hold. To give you a general idea of a price, one of the Large Creep Feeders we have posted on this page and on other pages with a fold down creep pen on the front is $900 complete. Thank you for your comment.

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