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Head Piece Tops and Parts

Our trimming stands come with the head piece of your choice but they are also available to purchase individually.  Depending on the animal, there may be a preference of using different head pieces.  We can assist you in determining what style head piece would work best for you and your stand.  All head pieces and parts are zinc plated.  The L-pieces adjust horizontally in and out of the stand.  They are held in place by a T-Bolt.  The T-pieces are adjustable vertically and are held in place by using a T-Bolt .

Head Pieces

DescriptionPart #Price
All Head Pieces are Zinc Plated
Large Head Pieces#550$95
Bolt-on Nose Loop#555$80
Long Nose Loop, 40” shaft, 1” sq.#560$80
Short Nose Loop, 24” shaft, 1” sq.#565$65
Goat Stanchion with 2 gl. Bucket#569$175

Head Piece Parts

DescriptionPart #Price
All Head Pieces Parts are Zinc Plated
T-top 1-3/4” sq. x 24” for H. D. Stands#570$50
T-top 1-1/2” sq. x 18” for Reg. Stands#575$40
L-piece 1-1/2” sq.  x 28” for H. D. Stands#580$50
L-piece 1-1/2” sq.  x 40” for H. D. Stands#585$70
L-piece 1-1/4” sq. for Long Nose Loop#590$35
L-piece 1-1/4” sq. for Reg. Stand T-top#595$35
Head Piece Extender Plate       (pictured below)                SPECIAL PRICE  $10#599$15

Head Piece Extender bolts onto “T” top and the Lg Head Piece or Bolt On Nose Loop bolts onto the Extender.  The animal’s head will be held up at a slight angle.  Lg Head Piece and Bolt On Nose Loop is sold seperately/not included.  Shipping not included.

Head Piece Extender Plate  SPECIAL PRICE $10

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