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Gate / Wall Brackets

Make dividing a large pen into a smaller pen easy by using the Gate Bracket.  The Gate Bracket can be added anywhere along the length of our panels to connect other panels and/or walk-through gates. (Gate Bracket for Horizontal Panels is pictured—Gate Bracket for Vertical Rod Panels is also available.)  The bracket is made up of a flat metal strap as the back and a metal strap with tabs as the front and secures onto the panel with four bolts. Hardware is included with the Gate Bracket.  The front piece, the metal strap with tabs, is sold as an individual piece to be used as a Wall Bracket to bolt onto your barn wall.  The Wall Bracket can be used to pin panels and gates to barn walls instead of using eye screws.  Hardware is not included with Wall Bracket.

Gate Bracket   # 7GB    $30      

Wall Bracket   # 7WB   $25   

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