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Fence Line Feeders

Our Fence Line Hay & Grain Feeders feed sheep from one side so you can feed from the outside of the pen.  The feeders come in three standard lengths and two widths— the WIDE is 30” wide and the NARROW is 18” wide.  The feeders have adjustable legs and can be adjusted so the top of the pan is 10” off of the ground up to 30” high.  Both feeders have a 5” deep, 18-gauge U.S. galvanized pan, The 30” wide feeder pan is wide enough to hold full small square bales of hay in the feeder, whereas the 18” narrow feeder pan comes up higher in the back so individual flakes of hay can be put in the feeder.  Hay panel has a solid top to reduce hay in fleece and has rods on 3” centers to reduce hay waste.  Fence Line Feeder ends have tubes on the ends so they can be pinned together in a line.  Short pins and hardware to assemble the feeders are included in the price of the feeder.  Lamb Guard Brackets are available to mount a board onto so it creates a barrier to prevent lambs/kids from escaping underneath the feeder.  Our Panels and Walk-Through Gates can be attached to the ends of the feeders to create pens.  The 10 foot Fence Line Feeders will feed approximately 10 adult animals.

Our Fence Line Feeders are sold as complete individual feeders. If you ever choose to move your feeders around, you have complete feeders.  You do not have to take your feeders apart and be left with just feeder pieces and a pile of nuts & bolts.



DescriptionPart #Price
5 ft.#WFL60$500
8 ft.#WFL96$550
10 ft.#WFL120$625


DescriptionPart #Price
5 ft.#NFL60$500
8 ft.#NFL96$550
10 ft.#NFL120$625

Replacement pans for feeders are available.  Price includes one pan and new hardware to replace the pan in existing feeder.  IN STOCK

DescriptionPart #Price    SALE
5 ft. Replacement Pan#WFL60PAN or NFL60PAN$150
8 ft.  Replacement Pan#WFL96PAN or NFL96PAN$175
10 ft. Replacement Pan#WFL120PAN or NFL120PAN$195
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Our Fence Line Feeders can be equipped with Lamb Guard Brackets so a board can be mounted underneath the feeders to create a barrier to prevent lambs from getting out.

fence line feeder

Fence Line Feeders equipped with Lamb Guard Brackets

Part #Price

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  1. Circle J Southdowns

    We love our Ketcham fenceline feeders. There are no sharp edges for sheep to catch themselves on, and the quality has been excellent. They have lasted for years and are our choice of feeders.

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