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Feed Mixer

Kustom mix your own feed!  Feed mixer is 26” wide, 48” long, and 54” tall.  It will mix at least 500 pounds.  It has horizontal paddles inside to completely mix your feed and supplements—it mixes about any type of feed.  (Molasses can be up to 10% of the mixture.)  The paddles turn at 5 rpms.  The mixer also has a sliding door to dispense feed into a bag or bucket.  The motor is a single phase 1/2 horse motor which gives you plenty of power to turn and mix 500 pounds of feed.  Plugs into a regular 120V outlet and draws 8 amps.  This feed mixer is pre-wired so all you need to do is plug it in & start mixing.  For safety, a piece of 3/4” #9 expanded metal covers the top of the mixer and also comes with a galvanized safety guard on the side.  This mixer comes with a one year warranty.  $2800


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