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Automatic Circular Pens –16 ft. / 10 ft.

You will appreciate our spring-loaded gate that automatically keeps squeezing your animals in so you can keep working at the head of the chute. The  pen is divided into four curved sections. Capacities are based upon 4 sq. ft. per sheep.  The optional Hi-Jumper Rail raises the side wall height to 58”—good for handling lambs, goats or just a few sheep that could otherwise try to jump the 40” solid sides.  Each package includes the straight funnel panel, chute frame, automatic gate and one bottom stabilizer bar per section.

Both sizes can be used clockwise or counter-clockwise.

16 ft. Diameter Automatic Circular Pen SUPER SALE!  
2-Section Package (holds approx. 16 head) #CP2 $1200  $1150
3-Section Package (holds approx. 28 head) #CP3 $1425  $1350 
4-Section Package (holds approx. 40 head) #CP4 $1650  $1550
Hi-Jumper Rail, 18” tall #H18 $75/ section

The 10 ft. Diameter Automatic Circular Pen is functions just like our larger pen but it works great especially for a small operations and/or small spaces. The 10 ft. Diameter Circular Pen is only available in 4 sections.

10 ft. Diameter Automatic Circular Pen SUPER SALE!
4-Section Package (holds approx. 16 head) #CP10 $1100  $1050


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