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Walk-Through Gates

Stop climbing over gates in the barn and just simply walk through!  All of our Overhead Framed Walk-Through Gates are designed similar to our Panels and utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing for the gate and the frames utilize 1 1/4” square, 14 gauge tubing.  Every Ketcham gate features radius corners so you won’t snag your clothing on them.  Gates come with easy to use latches made from 3/4” square solid bar and are zinc plated.  Gates can swing in or out of the pen and the gate can be turned left or right.  The hinges that mount the gate and frame together are made from 3/8” heavy wall pipe with a 3/8” bolt as the pin.  Getting in and out of pens and moving sheep from pen to pen couldn’t be easier!  From lambing pens to the fairgrounds, our Walk-Through Gates are sturdy and strong plus so simple and easy to use.

200-Horizontal Bar Walk-Through Gates.

Our standard, most basic gate is made with 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and features radius corners for added safety.  Gates are in a 1 1/4” square, 14 gauge tube frame measuring 77” tall.  Gates are available in two heights with the 40” tall gates having six bars; the taller 48” gates having seven bars.

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