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205 – U-Frame Walk-Through Gate (Vertical Rods)

Gates utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and features radius corners for added safety. Gates are in a 1 1/2” square, 11 gauge tubing frame that is capped at the same height as the gate. Gates are available in two heights, 40” or 48” tall, and a horizontal support rod is put on all gates at 24” off of the ground for added support. The option to add the Solid Bottom feature to our “U” Frame is available for $25 more per gate.

Length40” Tall48” Tall
205 – Vertical Rods
3 ft.205-40-36V w/t SB   $220205-48-36V w/t SB   $230
4 ft.205-40-48V w/t SB   $230205-48-48V w/t SB   $240
5 ft.205-40-60V w/t SB   $240205-48-60V w/t SB   $250
6 ft.205-40-72V w/t SB   $250205-48-72V w/t SB   $260


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