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204 – U-Frame Walk Through Gate (Horizontal Bars)

Gates utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and features radius corners for added safety. Gates are in a 1 1/2” square, 11 gauge tubing frame that is capped at the same height as the gate. Gates are available in two heights with the 40” tall gates having six bars; the taller 48” panels having seven bars. The option to add the Solid Bottom feature to our “U” Frame is available for $25 more per gate.

Length40” Tall48” Tall
204 – Horizontal Bars
3 ft.204-40-36 w/t U  $210204-48-36 w/t U  $220
4 ft.204-40-48 w/t U  $220204-48-48 w/t U  $230
5 ft.204-40-60 w/t U  $230204-48-60 w/t U  $240
6 ft.204-40-72 w/t U  $240204-48-72 w/t U  $250


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