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100 Series - Panels

A barn set-up is one of the most important aspects of saving time and money in a sheep operation. There are endless options of how a barn can be designed for the optimal, most functional set-up and we manufacture well designed equipment to allow you to create a barn that works best for your operation. How many times do you visit your barn each day? How much time do you spend in your barn feeding, lambing, and cleaning? How much time do you spend unwiring panels, repairing panels, climbing over panels, struggling while trying to move sheep around in the barn? How much money has been spent on materials to build and repair equipment, on injuries to animals and/or yourself, and even replacing torn or ripped clothing? These are just some of the questions to be considered when choosing equipment
to set up a barn.
100-Horizontal Bar Panel

Our standard, most basic panel made with 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and feature radius corners for added safety. Panels have 10” long, radius cornered feet. 40” tall panels have 6 horizontal bars, 48” tall panels have 7 horizontal bars. A vertical support is added on panels measuring 7 foot in length and greater.

101-Vertical Rod Panel

Panels utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing and feature radius corners for added safety. Rods are 3/8” diameter and welded on 3” centers and panels have a straight leg with feet. Panels are made 40” tall or 48” tall. Horizontal support rods are put on all panels 48” tall for added support. A great versatile choice for penning lambs, goats, and hogs. Most popular choice for fairgrounds and large facility set-ups.

All panels have two metal tabs on each end used to connect panels together using a drop rod. Our panels can be linked with any of our other panels, gates, chute system components, and can be attached to a barn wall by using eye screws. One drop rod is included in the price of each panel. Extra drop rods are available for purchase.

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