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400 Series - Feeders

To sustain life, animals need to be fed a supply of nutrients therefore, a feeder is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have to not only keep animals viable and healthy but to also save money on those nutrients.  Different feeders have different uses and advantages depending on the what is being fed, the age and size of the animals, and the environment in which the animals are being fed in.  We design and manufacture our feeders in a variety of styles and sizes to work effectively in different capacities and different operations.  Our feeder designs are tested on our own sheep therefore, you will appreciate the little design details that really make our feeders efficient on all aspects.  From feeding baby animals to large rams/bucks, animals with or without horns, inside or outside the barn (and the list goes on)—we have a feeder designed to assist you in saving time and resources while maximizing the potential of each animal.

If your feeding one sheep or hundreds of sheep, we have a variety of feeders to make feeding time less of a chore.

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