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300 Series - Chutes and Handling

Yes, we have sheep and we know from experience what works and what doesn’t.  Our chute systems are designed to be operated efficiently and easily by ONE person all from ONE side.  The Solid Panels and Drop-Top Panels have smooth, rounded corners. We use solid 40” tall panels, so animals can’t see out and this helps with moving the sheep through the chute.  The Drop-Top Panels are ideal for worming and vaccinating because they fold down enough for you to reach over them.  Our Stop Gates are good at stopping sheep and goats because they slide in and out. The animals can see the Stop Gate moving across the chute and stops them, unlike gates that operate by dropping the gate down, which they cannot see, and can end up hitting the animals or not stopping the animals at all.  When the Stop Gates are closed, they have a low profile outside of the chute. Our Sorting Gates maintain a full 18” wide clearance – wide enough even for big pregnant ewes or does.  You’ll enjoy working your sheep with Ketcham’s Handling Systems.

Our Heavy Duty Chute System Solid Panels and Drop-Top Panels are 10ft. long, and are made with durable 1-1/4” square, 14 gauge tubing and 16-gauge solid sheets.  Our Regular Solid Panels and Drop-Top Panels are 8 ft. long and are made with 1” square, 16 gauge tubing and 16-gauge solid sheets.  Chute system components are priced individually.  Drop rods are included in our equipment prices—we will give enough rods to set up your entire order.  Our Chute Systems are efficient and function to save time and money!

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