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200 Series - Walk-Through Gates

Stop climbing over gates in the barn and just simply walk through! Our Overhead Framed Walk-Through Gates are designed similar to our Panels and utilize 1” square, 16-gauge tubing for the gate and the frames utilize 1 1/4” square tubing. Horizontal Bar Walk-Through Gates are available in two heights with the 40” tall gates having six bars; the taller 48” panels having seven bars. Vertical Rod Walk-Through Gates are also made 40” tall or 48” tall and have 3/8” rods on 3” centers. All Vertical Rod Gates 48” tall have a horizontal support rod. Every Ketcham gate features radius corners so you won’t snag your jacket on a gate. Gates come with easy to use latches made from solid square tubing and are zinc plated. Gates can swing in or out of pen and the gate can be turned left or right. Hinges are constructed of heavy wall pipe with bolts acting as the actual hinges. Getting in and out of pens and moving sheep from pen to pen couldn’t be easier! From lambing pens to the fairgrounds, our Walk-Through Gates are sturdy and strong yet so simple and easy to use.

Kustom lengths are available and gates can be combined with any of our Panels to create a Kustom Combo Panel where the panel and gate are permanently fabricated together. The price of a Kustom Combo Panel is determined by adding the individual price of the Walk- Through Gate and the individual price of the Panel together.

Other variations of our Walk-Through Gates include a “U” Frame Walk-Through Gate with a frame made of 1 1/2” square, 11 gauge tubing, our Solid Bottom Walk-Through Gate with a solid sheet on the bottom of the gate frame to help keep bedding more easily contained inside the pen, and the Solid Walk-Through Gates which are made like our Overhead Gates but with a solid sheeted gate. The option to add the Solid Bottom feature to our “U” Frame or Solid Gate is available too for $25 more per gate. Our Creep Gate Walk-Through is a Creep Gate specially made within a Walk-Through Gate Frame and is on page 24 under our Lambing Equipment.

Our Walk Through Gates can be linked with any of our other Panels, Lambing Panels, Fence Line Feeders and Working Chutes & Handling System components. Gates can be attached to barn walls by using eye screws. Additional pictures and information on barn layouts can be found on pages 28-29. One Drop Rod is included with each gate.

Gate can swing either way—in or out. Easy access in and out of pens, especially for exhibitors at shows. Our uniquely designed latch is zinc plated, solid square tubing.

We can build Kustom Walk-Through Gates for farm or fairground!

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