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Available products with current prices are listed here on our website and we will continue using our website to feature our available products instead of a printed catalog along with any promotions and/or events.  Please expect longer lead times on some orders.  We will post when items are back in stock and or when they will potentially be available.  Thank you for your patience.  Please contact us for a shipping/freight quote or to schedule an appointment for pick up. Shipping quotes can also be obtained by emailing us the quantity, product name(s), and the zip code where the products will be potentially shipped to.



Our Mineral Feeder Rings (regular and mini) are now zinc plated. They are the same feeder with an upgraded finish. Both style feeders are in stock.

CLEARANCE SALE -- 36" Hay Baskets $55 each

We have several 36" Hay Baskets left available however, they are blemished and we are selling them as is at a discounted price of $55 each. There are no structural issues, just blemished spots on zinc plated finish. Shipping is extra.

OVERSTOCK SALE - Tilt Table Wheel $50 each

The Tilt Table Wheel has a large tube that slides onto one of the legs of the Tilt Table. Once the wheel is on, the Tilt Table is able to be balanced and moved around like a wheelbarrow instead of physically picking the table up.


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