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600 Series

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Text Box: Head Gate Lambing Panels (40” tall)
Text Box:  Lambing Panels (40” tall)

Kustom Solid Bottom or regular style Walk-Through Gates can be used on the fronts for easy access.  Add $20 to the prices of our  Walk-Through Gates.

The Lambing Panels and Head Gate Lambing Panels utilize 1” square, 16 gauge tubing.  They are available in three standard lengths and are 40” tall.  The 14” solid sheet at the bottom of the panels not only  keeps lambs along with bedding in their pen, they also reduce cold air drafts on the lambs.  Producers have commented on the reduced mortality rate of their lambs when they have used our lambing panels.  Panels are connected together with drop rods and pens can be free standing, placed back-to-back, or attached to barn walls.  Multiple pen size options and endless configurations can be used to meet your needs.  Panels can be used after lambing for setting up creep pens or show pens and can be attached to our Standard/Vertical Rod Panels and Walk Through Gates. Lambing is a critical point in the profit of your sheep operation so why not save time and money with an easy lambing set-up? Barn layout assistance available.  One Drop Rod per panel is included in price.

Kustom Sizes Available      


Attach Lambing Panels and Gates to barn walls using eye screws. 

  16 in.                                 24 in.                                                              48 in.


Light Guard #610LG


Light Holder #611LH

This panel is 43 inches tall and hinged to fold out to 10 ft. long and very versatile.  They are easy to handle and great for temporary penning, sorting, and/or crowding your sheep.  Don’t forget to take them to the shows for help with loading & unloading your sheep on and off the trailer and they double up as a drying rack for your towels while washing or fitting sheep.



Keep lambs warm without taking up a lot of space while keeping the ewe from backing up, stepping on lambs and/or crushing the heat lamp with one of our light guards.  Light Guard attaches to panels with two small pins.  Use a Light Holder to easily hang your heat lamp in the corner of the pen by using existing drop rod and keep electrical cord secured.  The Light Guard and Light Holder are zinc plated.

Gate Feeders are made in three different lengths and have a set of hooks to hang on most panels and 2” boards in barns.  The box style design not only holds grain, it catches the hay leaves from the hay rack as the sheep eat—this saves hay and prevents sheep from eating off of the ground.  The standard Gate Feeders are 22” tall and 9” deep.  We Kustom build Large Bottom Gate Feeders with 15” bottoms to allow more room for horned animals for an additional charge.

Text Box: Kustom Large Bottom Gate Feeder
Text Box: Kustom Zinc Plated Folding V Panel
Text Box: Stop crushed lamps, light bulbs, and lambs!

#600V       $130



From the barn to shows, this panel is very handy!

Gate Feeders

Creep Gates

The Creep Gate Walk-Through is 4 ft. in length with a creep gate mounted inside a Walk-Through Gate frame so you can also go in and out of the pen too.  With the Creep Gate Walk Through, the Creep Gate is available in two heights— 40” tall or 48” tall.  Gates come with 5 rollers, easy to use latches made from solid square tubing that latches at the top and bottom of gate which are zinc plated.  Gates can swing into a pen or out.  Hinges are constructed of heavy wall pipe with bolts acting as the actual hinges.

Creep Gate Walk-Through

Creep Gates are 40” tall, 4 ft. in length, and come with 6 rollers.  The rollers are adjustable across 36 holes on 1” spacing to fit your needs.  Rollers allow larger lambs to roll through the openings with more ease.  Creep gate comes with a drop rod. 

Text Box:  Creep Pen Area

When setting up a creep pen area, we suggest using one of our creep gates, creep feeders, gate feeders, and/or one of our A-Frame Feeders with Hay Rack Inserts. 

Text Box: Gate Feeders now all come with swivel hooks to hang on panels!
Text Box: 10 inch Bucket Holder.					12 inch Bucket Holder.	
Small RED Bucket					Large RED Bucket

Bucket Holders & Buckets

Creep Feeders

Kustom Large Creep Feeders for sheep & goats available. 

Kustom Large Creep Feeders

The Creep Feeder is available in two sizes—24” or 48” in length.  The feeder has a lid that can open from outside of the pen and has a slider plate to control the flow of feed for your lambs.  It has two large swivel hooks so it can be hung almost anywhere in the barn.  The 24” Feeder holds about 50 lbs. of feed and the 48” Holds about 100 lbs. feed.

Our Bucket Holders are one of the most popular items!  They can be used many different ways.  Bucket Holders in lambing pens to keep buckets off of the ground and prevent lambs from falling in the water and help keep the water clean for the ewe.  Use at the shows or even in individual pens.  They come in two different circumference sizes and the smaller 10” round comes in three different lengths to accommodate different height panels.  All Bucket Holders are zinc plated.

Creep Feeder #620CF

Holds 100 lbs.

Creep Feeder #615CF

Holds 50 lbs.

Our Buckets come in two different sizes—2 gallon (8 quart) or 5 gallon.   The standard color we have in stock is RED.  The small buckets can be ordered in different colors  in quantities of six or more buckets.  Kustom Bucket Holder sizes available with a minimum order of six.

Text Box: Save time and money!  Let us assist you with your lambing set-up!  
Text Box: Lambing Pen Set-ups

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Text Box: #630CG  $180

Panel Length

Part #


4 ft. Head Gate Lambing Panel



5 ft. Head Gate Lambing Panel



6 ft. Head Gate Lambing Panel



Panel Length

Part #


4 ft. Lambing Panel



5 ft. Lambing Panel



6 ft. Lambing Panel



Light Guard, zinc plated



Light Holder, zinc plated



16 in. Gate Feeder



24 in. Gate Feeder



48 in. Gate Feeder



5 ft. Folding V Panel

Light Guard & Light Holder


Part #


Creep Gate 40” tall x 48” long



Extra Creep Roller




Part #


Creep Gate Walk-Through 40” tall



Creep Gate Walk-Through 48” tall




Part #


10 in. Bucket Holder (holds 2-1/2 gallon bucket) (12” long)



10 in. Bucket Holder LONG length  (20” long)



10 in. Bucket Holder EXTRA LONG length  (30” long)



12 in. Bucket Holder (holds 5 gallon bucket)



Small RED 2-1/2 gal. Bucket (fits in 10 in. holder)



Large RED 5 gal. Bucket (fits in 12 in. holder)



Creep Feeder 24” long, with lid



Creep Feeder, 48” long, with lid