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700 Series

Feed Mixer


This is a (almost) maintenance-free plastic automatic waterer operating on a Jobe Valves brand float.  It has a lock out switch to turn the water off to drain.  To clean the waterer, simply pull a plug and allow the waterer to drain.  All mounting hardware is included.  Waterer Cut-Out Panels available  (see Kustom Equipment on page 26).


#AW790     $375

Kustom mix your own feed!  Feed mixer is 26” wide, 48” long, and 54” tall.  It will mix at least 500 pounds.  It has horizontal paddles inside to completely mix your feed and supplements—it mixes about any type of feed.  (Molasses can be up to 10% of the mixture.)  The paddles turn at 5 rpms.  The mixer also has a sliding door to dispense feed into a bag or bucket.  The motor is a single phase 1/2 horse motor which gives you plenty of power to turn and mix 500 pounds of feed.  Plugs into a regular 120V outlet and draws 8 amps.  This feed mixer is pre-wired so all you need to do is plug it in & start mixing.  For safety, a piece of 3/4” #9 expanded metal covers the top of the mixer and also comes with a galvanized safety guard on the side.  This mixer comes with a one year warranty. 


#FM725      $2200

Text Box: Make mixing feed for your lambs easy!  

Conveniently dispenses feed into a bucket or bag.  
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#760     $70

Additional miscellaneous items are available and are listed as Kustom Equipment due to the application of our Kustom Equipment policy to those particular items.

Sign Post / Fan Stand

Slider Panel

Wool Bag Stand

Gift Certificates

Needing a gift and don’t know what to get?  Gift Certificates are available in any amount. And expire after two years of purchase.  Gift Certificates can be sent by mail or emailed  for you to printed out.  Payment for the certificate must clear for the certificate to be valid. 

#WB770     $220

Our Wool Bag Stand is 6 ft. tall and stand 36” square at the base.  The top has a 24” angle ring to secure wool bag too.  The stand disassembles easily for storage until the next shearing  day or for traveling to your next shearing location. 

Use this Sign Post /  Fan Stand in the barn or at the shows.  The top bar flips to form a 90 degree angle to hang your sign, pedigrees, decorations, fans, etc.  It comes with two brackets to securely attach post to panels or gates.  This post is zinc plated.

#SP780      $225

MacCauley Suffolks  Atglen, PA

This panel can be the size you need it to be!  The panel is similar to our standard panels and is made from 1” square tubing and the telescopic part of the panel is 3/4” square  tubing.  The panel is 40” tall and can be 54” - 96” long.  The panel is zinc plated, has straight legs, and does not have tabs so you can attach flat to the wall of your trailer. 

KSEM, Inc.

6471 Miller Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025


Text Box: The Lamb Walker is used primarily as a training tool to assist you in training lambs/sheep/goats to lead so when it is time to show them, they move in the show ring as you need them to move.  

The Lamb Walker itself has five arms, 6 ft. long, extending out from the center for a total 12 ft. in diameter and allows you to walk five lambs/sheep/goats at one time.  All of the moving motor parts are shielded by galvanized metal and the walker comes with five adjustable nickel plated nose loops.  There are four legs that extend out from the base and have holes to put anchoring pegs into the ground.  

The lamb walker motor is a 3/4 hp, 220V, three phase motor with a converter and a dial for variable speed.  The walker can be plugged in almost anywhere with 110V, single phase power and having the converter allows the three phase to run 220V.  (It cannot be plugged into a GFI plug nor a generator.  The flow of electricity is not consistent enough for the converter box to run constantly.)  The rheostat dial allows you to adjust the speed on a scale from 0-10 which is 0 to about 3 miles per hour.  The motor turns both ways so lambs/sheep/goats can walk the opposite direction.   This motor and converter has the capabilities to start lambs/sheep/goats out very slow and work up to a faster pace.

Our Lamb Walker is manufactured for the sole purpose of training lambs/sheep/goats to lead for show purposes but as with any motorized equipment, safety precautions are necessary.  Because we have no control over the circumstances and a person’s application of safety measures while the walker is being used, We require the purchaser to read and understand certain terms and responsibilities and sign our Release/Warranty Form at the time of purchase.  

We will warranty the Lamb Walker for workmanship of the equipment.  The motor and motor drive has limited coverage through its manufacturer.  The motor and motor drive is not covered in cases of power surges, overloading motor, negligence, acts of nature, etc. 

For more information on the warranty and safety precautions, you can request to see a copy of our Release/Warranty Form and you will be given a copy at the time of purchase.

Lamb Walker

#LW700     $2700

Text Box: Shepherd’s View Livestock   Bridgeville, DE
Text Box: Shepherd’s View Livestock   Bridgeville, DE
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Lamb Walker can be shipped!


Easy to assemble—arms easily bolt on, legs slide in, and head pieces slide in and are easily adjustable.

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