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300 Series

About Our Single-Operator Working Chutes and Handling Equipment


Yes, we have sheep.  And we know from experience what works and what doesn’t. Our chute systems are designed to be operated efficiently and easily by one person all from one side.  The solid panels and drop-top panels are 10 ft. long and have smooth, rounded corners. The drop-top panels are ideal for worming and vaccinating because they fold down enough for you to reach over them.  Our Stop Gates are good at stopping sheep and goats.  Because they slide in and out, the animals can see them moving across and are likely to stop unlike gates that operate by dropping the gate down, which they cannot see, and end up hitting them on top of their heads.  When the Stop Gates are closed, they have a low profile outside of the chute. Our Sorting Gates maintain a full 18” wide clearance - wide enough even for big pregnant ewes or does.  You’ll enjoy working your sheep with Ketcham’s equipment.


We use durable 1-1/4” square tubing and 16-gauge sheets on all solid 40” panels, so animals can’t see out. Drop rods are included in our equipment prices. We’ll give enough rods to set up your entire order. Chute system components are priced individually or they come in three basic packages (see pages 12 & 13).   Note: PANELS ARE 10FT. LONG


 Side Panels

Stop Gate

Circle Pen

Tilt Table


Sorting Gate

Solid Panels

Text Box: Chute System has 10 ft. Sections and Kustom smaller sizes available.
Text Box: Inside chute width is 18” at top.  The chute is tapered at the bottom to only 14” wide. 
Text Box: The animals’ view—has 40” tall solid panels so they keep moving instead of being distracted by things outside of the chute.
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Chute Support

Stop Gate

2) Stop Gates          #WC10

1) Solid Panel            $1300

1) Drop-Top Solid Panel

1) 2-Way Sorting Gate

1) Anti-Back-up Arm


2) Stop Gates          #WC20

2) Solid Panels           $1980

2) Drop-Top Solid Panels

1) 2-Way Sorting Gate

2) Anti-Back-up Arms

1) Chute Support


2) Stop Gates          #WC30

3) Solid Panels           $2780

3) Drop-Top Solid Panels

1) 3-Way Sorting Gate

3) Anti-Back-up Arms

2) Chute Supports


Text Box: Working Chute Packages

Holds 3-4 head of  large sheep per section.



Text Box: 10ft. Package
Text Box: 20ft. Package
Text Box: 30ft. Package
Text Box: Working Chute Components

Build your own chute system to fit your needs!

Anti-Backup Arm

2-Way Sorting Gate

Stop Gates slides in and out of the chute.  Sheep can see the gate move across the chute so you can actually stop the sheep!

5ft. Steel Foot Bath

3-Way Sorting Gate

Our Chute Systems are portable and components are interchangeable.  Our Standard Panels and Walk –Through Gates can also be attached!

Text Box: Automatic Circular Pen

When you aren’t working with a dog, you’ll appreciate our spring-loaded gate that automatically keeps squeezing your animals in so you can keep working at the head of the chute. The  pen is divided into four curved sections. Capacities are based upon 4 sq. ft. per sheep.  The optional Hi-Jumper Rail raises the side wall height to 58”—good for handling lambs, goats or just a few sheep that could otherwise try to jump the 40” solid sides.  Each package includes the straight funnel panel, chute frame, automatic gate and one bottom stabilizer bar per section.

Text Box: Automatic gate 
and stabilizers.

Can be used clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Kustom Sizes Available

Smaller diameter Automatic Circular Pens are available.   Pictured here is a 10 ft. diameter pen made especially for a small goat operation.  Prices for our 10, 12, & 14 foot  pens available upon request. Goat chute below.

Text Box: Kustom Goat Working Chute

The Goat Working Chute starts out with a 52” tall, compact 10 ft. Diameter Circular Pen and has a ramp leading up to an elevated floor the entire length of chute system.  Drop-Top Panels have galvanized sliding panel inserts for easy access to goats.   

Kustom built to fit your needs!  Call for pricing on your Kustom Goat Working Chute!

Pat Ariaz Boers  LaGrange, CA

KSEM, Inc.

6471 Miller Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025


Tilt Table



Tilt Table



Including 1 Stop Gate



Including 2 Stop Gates






Chute Support, 52” H x 19” W



Chute Support, 78” H x 48” W



Anti-Backup Arm



Steel Foot Bath, 5 ft. long



Hi-Jumper Chute Rails, 10 ft. section






Solid Panel, 40” x 10 ft.



Drop-Top Solid Panel, 40”x10 ft.



Standard Panel 100 Series, 40”x10 ft.



Standard Panel 100 Series, 48”x10 ft.






Stop Gate



2-Way Sorting Gate



3-Way Sorting Gate



16 ft. Diameter Automatic Circular Pen



2-Section Package (holds approx. 16 head)



3-Section Package (holds approx. 28 head)



4-Section Package (holds approx. 40 head)



Hi-Jumper Rail, 18” tall


$75/ section